Recreational Squad and Private Lessons

Recreational Squad

So your child has been swimming for a while now….and they have developed a sound technique, can cope with an hour or so of swimming and are you wondering what next?


Our Recreational Squad may be the answer- aimed at those swimmers who want to be able to either


Our emphasis is on encouraging participation, whilst introducing basic water safety techniques and enhancing and extending existing skills-students are assessed continuously and classes adjusted as required.

1 hr | $15.00

Private Lessons

Private lessons for all ages and abilities can be arranged through the Splash Factory (depending on pool space and instructor availability).


We are proud to be the only swim school locally able to offer lessons at both pool and beach venues; with instructors qualified in all aspects of Aquatic Education. The pool orientated lessons are held year round at one of our indoor venues; whereas the beach program is held through the warmer terms!


Our emphasis is on encouraging participation, whilst enhancing and extending existing skills.

30 min | $35.00

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1 hr | $16.00

30 min | $40.00