The team at Jayson Lamb's Splash Factory are dedicated to teaching individuals to swim confidently and safely.

Splash Factory Swimming Lessons Coaching



The Infant and Kinder Swim program at the Splash Factory has an emphasis on fun and is aimed at the needs of the children.


Participants are encouraged to participate in activities which allow them to learn through age appropriate play and physical actions. At these ages, little ones learn through repetition both in and out of the aquatic environment-thus many actions/activities will be repeated from one lesson to the next; until that skill is autonomous.

Adult Swim Times

($5 per session)

Monday 6 - 7am (new session)

Friday 7 - 8am

Warrnambool College
($7 per session)

Monday 7 - 8pm 

Thursday 7 - 8pm

Learn to swim


Our Learn to Swim program aims to allow participants the opportunity of learning the appropriate skills required to develop correct and adequate swimming technique.


Our patient and qualified instructors will work on developing a relationship with each child in order to encourage extension of the skill set required.

Watch the waterbabies
in action!